If you want something, focus on making it happen

A while ago, like 4 or 5 years, I simply couldn’t have a conversation at a dinner party with someone, because of the ambient noise, other people talking, and everything else that would distract me made it impossible. It was impossible because I couldn’t focus on what they were saying, such that while I heard […]

I was e-chatting with my son, and learned something cool

I was chatting with my son, Connor, and learned something pretty awesome. He joined the Air Force, but told me about his interview, and what he shared blew me away. He said that, in his interview, he was asked about his biggest challenge. He’s faced several, but what he said that he’d replied with stopped […]

Do you complain about the rain?

Yes, the rain is challenging, but when you’re driving, you not only have windows, but a roof. But hey, in October to something like April, my air conditioning is better than awesome! And my heater, boy oh boy, is it ever awesome how it works in the May to September time frame. I’ve had bad-stretches, […]

My blog is accessible, for the visually-impaired!

I heard from someone that they like my blog, but because she most-often reads blogs when driving, she can’t read mine when she’d like to. She made a suggestion, to have it be able to be read (aloud), and gave me a link to somewhere that would do it! I did it! Now it’s even […]

Driving wasn’t a choice for me, but it it can be for others

For me, driving wasn’t a choice, because of my eyes, but for others, it could be a choice. I don’t think about it, anymore. It bugged me, a lot, for a few years. I’d put a lot of “personal value” on it, mainly because of my loss of personal-independence. I’d lost a lot, I always […]

Types of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries only exist in only two ways: Penetrating, or closed. Basically, and it’s self-explanatory, either something goes through your skin and skull, or your brain is shaken, and hits your skull. While penetrating is exciting-sounding, such as getting shot, having a harpoon go in, or something equally exotic, they’re few and far between. The […]

Questions you might be wondering

If you knew me pre-crash, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that I’m a bit different (if you haven’t, is everything ok with you??). But seriously, things have changed, but when you see me, you’re likely wondering how the brain injury shows itself. That’s the interesting/scary aspect of a brain injury, because it’s more-often-than-not, invisible. I’ve cursed myself […]

Check out the new medical facility!

Richmond is served by an awesome group of medical folks, of that there’s no question. However, where they operated from was a rental facility, owned and operated by a commercial venture, who decided on what’s available strictly on cost. The facility was “accessible”, but it met the minimum of access, but it wasn’t Two years […]

Help me for the blog!

What I’m asking for is your help. I’ve created these questions, about you, and I’d appreciate your answers! Writing the blog is working in helping me to feel better about myself. However, when reading it, I realized that regardless of the value of what I’m writing, it’s only based on me, and by that, it’s […]

Being visibly disabled has its benefits

Yes, being disabled can be a challenge. While it started as something awful, so bad that I actually hated myself for a little while, but I don’t know what it was, but I changed my view. I was looking at the “old me”, and the fact that the “new me” wasn’t it, I felt a […]