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Do you complain about the rain?

Yes, the rain is challenging, but when you’re driving, you not only have windows, but a roof. But hey, in October to something like April, my air conditioning is better than awesome! And my heater, boy oh boy, is it ever awesome how it works in the May to September time frame. I’ve had bad-stretches, […]

Questions you might be wondering

If you knew me pre-crash, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that I’m a bit different (if you haven’t, is everything ok with you??). But seriously, things have changed, but when you see me, you’re likely wondering how the brain injury shows itself. That’s the interesting/scary aspect of a brain injury, because it’s more-often-than-not, invisible. I’ve cursed myself […]

Help me for the blog!

What I’m asking for is your help. I’ve created these questions, about you, and I’d appreciate your answers! Writing the blog is working in helping me to feel better about myself. However, when reading it, I realized that regardless of the value of what I’m writing, it’s only based on me, and by that, it’s […]